David Bradford comments on employees


David Bradford just commented that every employee needs C.A.R.

C – A complex task – something they will wake up thinking about
A – Autonomy – trust – like Steven Covey’s speed of trust
R – Reward – a relevant reward – a plaque, stock options, something that motivates them

@UVEF – speech top 25 under 5


Word Logo with Pain

Fix – Word Table Flows off Page and Disappears


Word Logo with PainI was updating a document at work and came across a strange occurance. My cursor would just go down off the page, but wouldn’t arrive at the next page. It turns out that the table had an incorrect setting. Here’s the fix:

    Row Tab of Table Menu to Fix Missing text

  • Select the problem row of the table by clicking in the left margin (you should see the row highlight)
  • Right click on the highlighted area
  • Click on “Table Properties …” in the pop-up menu
  • Uncheck the box that says “Specify Height” (this is on the Row Tab ->Size Section -> Rows Subsection -> Specify Height Checkbox)
  • Done.

Hopefully that helps someone out there.


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OnLive goes Live and online at 7:01 Mountain Time on 06-17-2010


For anyone who likes gaming, it looks like OnLive may be a contender.  I’m currently a fan of steam, but there may be room in my ecosystem for two services that store my games and promise that I can get back to them.

Let’s see what this is all about and if OnLive can handle the traffic.  I’ll be there shortly after 7:01 MST (Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 9:01 PM EDT / 6:01 PM PDT).  Sign up now and you get a free year of OnLive Membership.


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Prediction – Sprint to get iPhone


iSprint ParodyWe’ve been hearing a lot of hoopla about Verizon getting an iPhone.  After reading a few articles like the one on engadget.  I’m thinking that AT&T is losing exclusivity to Sprint.

I was wondering why AT&T would be removing its unlimited access plans and upping its termination fees.  And why would they extend an olive branch to iPads before June 7th?  Here’s what I’ve come up with:  AT&T sees the writing on the wall and wants to lock users in.  What better way to create lock-in than make the unlimited plan go away, but leave current users “grandfathered in”.    Personally, I kind of find that action desparate and despicable.  If my assumptions are true, than AT&T views its customers more like sheep to shear rather than a value-added partner.  But I don’t run in the AT&T circles.

Why do I think its Sprint?  Go to their website and click on the guy on the bench – the one that says “make your iPhone 4G.”  Now you might think “so what?  they’re just using a 4G router,” but Sprint has no interest in reminding you that they don’t have the iPhone.  They want you to think of all the cool phones they have.  Seriously, they have good marketing people.  So I think it must be a primer for their iPhone.

In all, its still a guess.  But we should find out soon.  Let’s look to next weeks WWDC and find out!


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Fix – MS Entourage 2008 Doesn’t Sync Tasks with Exchange


If you have exchange 2007 or later and Entourage 2008 you can go download the update for Entourage called Entourage Web Services Edition.  (This includes AppRiver, I believe).  Make sure you have all the updates it requires.

However, I installed parallels, vista and outlook 2003.  Entourage 2008 cannot sync tasks with exchange 2003 without terrible and inconvenient work-arounds (like Missing Sync = Exchange to Mobile Device to Entourage).  This is definitely, not the best way to go.  I’ve been having copy-paste crash outlook several times.  I try and copy a section from my word document to outlook 2003, and I get the “this application has crashed” Vista window.

Aaargh.  At least its (most likely) fixed if you’re on exchange 2007 and Entourage 2008.


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iPhone 4G LTE/CDMA on Verizon in 2010 – Tipsters think so – we’ll see


So the internet seems more abuzz than usual about the iPhone hitting Verizon.  What adds more excitement is that sources are saying that it will be a 4G/LTE launch device (with a CDMA backup).  This would be unusual for Apple, as they seem to like to have incremental revisions and an iPhone 3G/CDMA would be enough to get people on board.

Still, I find it exciting that the iPhone may hit Verizon.  I know my wife would get the iPhone.  I’m not sure I’d leave my Droid.  But it would at least require some thought, as the Droid is the only phone that was a “must have” for me on Verizon.


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Doug Fabrizio on Technology, Listening and the Rise of Snark


I just finished editing some video from our UTAH GENIUS 2010 event.  One of the most requested items is the keynote talk from Doug Fabrizio of KUER 90.1 FM, NPR and RadioWest.  If you can’t view the videos below, you can find PART 1 and PART 2 on youtube.

Doug has this enchanting voice that mixes with storytelling.  His words seemed to put the audience into a higher state of thinking.  At least that’s what it looked like from the tech table as my brother and I were operating the event technology.  I find listening to Doug’s thoughts fifteen minutes well spent, as he contemplates technology’s place in the rise of a generation that may fail in learning how to listen.




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Why would a Director/Writer/Producer/Actor Torrent Movies?


I just had a fascinating read from Peter Serafinowicz about why he chooses to download movies – even ones that he’s in or has directed.  Sometimes its because they’re not available.  Sometimes he struggles to get it from the studio.  Sometimes its just easier than stripping out the DRM for his portfolio.

In any case, its not because the show/performance isn’t worth money.  Its just that it can’t be used how he wanted it, when he wanted it.  He tries to buy it first (and sometimes twice) before he goes another route.

I also suggest reading the comments, which actually shock me.  Peter has some interesting points that discuss ethics, but others seem to want to claim the high moral ground on copying someone else’s work.  However, I’ve learned that in many places, comments bring out the trolls (except here – of course).


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Bull and Bear-Spend vs Free Market-Invisible Hand – Hayek vs. Keynes


Ever wondered what the two opposing factions are throwing at each other when discussing economic theory?  Here’s the bull and bear (economic stimulus) theory vs. the Free Market (little regulation or interference) theory in hip-hop.  Yeah, its Hayek vs. Keynes in rhyme.  Awesome.


Source:  EconStories

Utah Makes the List of Top Jobs Created and Top Job Growth


Wow.  Just saw an infographic on about where the jobs are predicted to be.  Salt Lake, Provo and St. George cities in Utah made the list.  Did yours?

Budgeting –



Disclaimer – I use Mint for my personal finance.  Its free.  I like it.  However, I did not receive any special compensation for this post.

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