I’m currently working with a company on the Utah Genius Website.  I needed a layout quickly, as our invitations were about to be sent out.  The company had used photoshop to do a proof of the layout, and we had settled on a good front page.  They gave me the JPG to use as a placeholder while they created the HTML and CSS.

So I put up the image and dreaded making an image map for it.  Luckily, I found a tool that would do HTML or HTML & CSS image mapping for me.  Its called image-maps.com.  It was quick, could work off of an online or uploaded image and gave me the code to modify at my whim.

They requested a donation, blog post, and link back.  However, none were required.  I decided to give the blog post (this post) and the link back, as its unobtrusive.

Thanks guys!


Source:  UtahGenius.com, Image-Maps.com