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Android Doomed? I think not – but PCWorld does


On a side note, PCWorld claimed Android was doomed.  Galen Gruman has a hypothesis that basically states that manufacturers can choose what features to implement and whether to allow an upgrade to the next OS.

Wow.  Personally, I think manufacturer choice was a good thing.  I also think that while consumers may want to run the latest OS, that we recognize that many of our devices are underpowered for some tasks.  Plus, it should count as an advantage, not a detriment that there is even possible an upgrade path.

When we look at the actual world, Linux is fractured – but its still very successful and often tailored to the desired device.  Ruby on Rails (the language and framework) has strange compatibility problems between versions, but its still on fire in the the development community.  Both are open source.  Android is open source.

In sum, I think Galen is reading tea leaves in an alarmist fashion (ie I don’t think the facts he sees add up to the death of Android – but the contrary).  Microsoft has been predicting the death of Linux for years.  Despite their best efforts, it hasn’t happened.  I think Android is here to stay as well.


Source:  PCWorld

Verizon Speeds Lacking compared with AT&T in PC World Test


PCWorld has a report that shows that Verizon’s uptick in phones isn’t all its cracked up to be.  In fact, the report states that Verizon has had problems keeping up with the demand (see the reliability numbers).  Verizon apparently has also been hampered by an uninterrupted signal – only 76% of the time was it uninterrupted.

Personally, I’ve seen in on my train ride into work.  I keep dropping into 1x instead of 3G.  So, let’s hope Verizon gets back on top.  We bought into the network because it was the best, right?

Verizon’s come back is that their map is bigger.  Bigger isn’t necessarily better if it drops speed.  1 in 4, it appears.


Source:  PCWorld

Utah Makes the List of Top Jobs Created and Top Job Growth


Wow.  Just saw an infographic on about where the jobs are predicted to be.  Salt Lake, Provo and St. George cities in Utah made the list.  Did yours?

Budgeting –



Disclaimer – I use Mint for my personal finance.  Its free.  I like it.  However, I did not receive any special compensation for this post.

Valentine’s Day Statistics – Who gets What and How Much


Billshrink put up an interesting infographic on Valentines Day and they’re inviting people to share it.  Here’s the surprising low-down on who gets what for Valentine’s Day.  One of the most surprising stats is just how many parents buy cards for kids.  I thought it was a “lovers” holiday.



Droid BOGO – Buy a Droid, get one free from Verizon


UPDATE 5/19/2010: The Droid BOGO sale is back on.  See Droid Does for more details.  Check in the top right corner.  You’ll have to add the phone into your shopping cart to verify the Droid BOGO deal is still going.  See the current Droid BOGO post for info.

UPDATE 5/18/2010: The BOGO sale is long over, but there are some deals to be had.  It looks like the Droid is available for $19.99 from  (I am not an affiliate – it should be a clean link).

Verizon apparently is running a special on Droid and Droid Eris.  Buy one phone, get a second of the same kind for free.  Of course by free, I mean that you eventually get one phone for “free”, but end up paying the $30 times 2 surcharge for data and then a voice plan plus another $10 for another line that shares the minutes (or $60 times two for unlimited voice).  But hey, there’s really no free lunch.  Just an awesome phone.

In any case, if you were looking for his and her Droids, now might be the time.


Source:  Verizon, Phandroid, Phones Review

Skype App Coming to Verizon Wireless in March- Has Hell Frozen Over?


Verizon Wireless and Skype just announced that Verizon is going to carry skype calls over its network starting in March.   It may require a data plan, but those international calls may have gotten a lot cheaper.

Seriously?  This seems such an about-face from the wireless carrier that was known to lock everything down and make you pay for any small incremental benefit (I’m looking at you, ringtones from the V-shop).  I’m skeptically optimistic at this point.  And I hope it continues.

Here’s the initial phones with Skype support:

  • DROID by Motorola
  • Motorola DEVOUR
  • BlackBerry Storm 9530
  • Storm2 9550
  • Curve 8330
  • Curve 8530
  • 8830 World Edition
  • Tour 9630


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Motorola Gives timeline for Android 2.1 for Smart phones and Droid


Motorola has put up a page giving expected roll-out dates for their android phones to upgrade to Android version 2.1.  Here’s the summary

  • Droid – soon
  • Milestone (Europe) – Q1 2010
  • Milestone (Latin America) – No Date
  • Milestone (Asia-Pacific) – No Date
  • Cliq (USA) – Q2 2010
  • Dext (Europe) – No Date
  • Dext (Latin America) – Q3 2010
  • Dext (Asia-Pacific) – Q3 2010

They also claim to be working closely with Google and carriers to bring “the most optimized” experience on each of the phones.  Let’s hope that “the most optimized” doesn’t mean “missing features” in marketing spin.


Sources:  Motorola Support, Phandroid, InfoSync

Motorola Admits Jumping the Gun on Android 2.1 Details


Apparently Motorola released the Droid 2.1 details too early according to their forum.  Bummer.  I was hoping the update would coming this week.  I guess a few days more won’t hurt.

Maybe something good will come of this.  Motorola has been getting some flak for releasing a “gimped Andriod 2.1” compared with the Nexus One.


Sources:  Motorola Forum, PCMagazine

Free Must Have Website Checking Tools


I’ve been working on updating the skin to this site, and I wanted to comment on a couple of tools that I think are useful:

Fascinating Stuff.  I’ll write about the plug-ins I’ve installed in another post, which is the reason I was using these sites.


Sources:  As stated above

1and1 Nameservers Down – Can’t find 1and1 DNS Status Page


I just helped my brother set up his blog.  I just discovered that a few days after setup the Nameservers have failed.  See for yourself:

So, I go look to find a status page or something and I come up empty handed.  Not a good sign in my opinion.  However, this is the first failure that I’ve seen.  Its just a very large failure.


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