Motorola has put up a page giving expected roll-out dates for their android phones to upgrade to Android version 2.1.  Here’s the summary

  • Droid – soon
  • Milestone (Europe) – Q1 2010
  • Milestone (Latin America) – No Date
  • Milestone (Asia-Pacific) – No Date
  • Cliq (USA) – Q2 2010
  • Dext (Europe) – No Date
  • Dext (Latin America) – Q3 2010
  • Dext (Asia-Pacific) – Q3 2010

They also claim to be working closely with Google and carriers to bring “the most optimized” experience on each of the phones.  Let’s hope that “the most optimized” doesn’t mean “missing features” in marketing spin.


Sources:  Motorola Support, Phandroid, InfoSync