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Fix – Godaddy – Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server

0 IssuesI requested to have FTPES (secure FTP) access on my godaddy account.  Little did I know that they would have to transfer me servers.  After the transition, my links broke from my subdomain that I used to host my pdf files.  I got a

Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server

when I tried to click on the links.

Here’s the problem:  When Godaddy transferred my files to the new server, they did not update all the DNS entries and gave standard file permissions.


  • Check the DNS entries to make sure they have the new updated IP Address associated with your hosting account.  (If that just sounded like “Blah, Blah, Blah”, ask your geek friend for help – as that would take quite a few steps to lead you through and Godaddy continually updates their interface).
  • If the DNS entries are correct, check the file permissions.  Make them 775 or 774, depending on your risk level (775 is more likely to work, 774 is more safe, 704 is even more safe).  Highlight and right click on the server files in Filezilla, if you use it.

Hope that helps.


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OnLive goes Live and online at 7:01 Mountain Time on 06-17-2010


For anyone who likes gaming, it looks like OnLive may be a contender.  I’m currently a fan of steam, but there may be room in my ecosystem for two services that store my games and promise that I can get back to them.

Let’s see what this is all about and if OnLive can handle the traffic.  I’ll be there shortly after 7:01 MST (Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 9:01 PM EDT / 6:01 PM PDT).  Sign up now and you get a free year of OnLive Membership.


Sources:  Welcome to Onlive, Free Year, Steam

Fix – Enter Kenmore Elite Dryer Factory Test Mode for Troubleshooting


As you might have read by my previous article, I have been troubleshooting my dryer (and found the fix).  One of the things I came across was an article on how to get into factory test mode for a Kenmore Elite Dryer.

Here’s the process:

  • Unplug and Replug the dryer (just get into a known state)
  • Close the Door
  • Set the Signal Setting to Off
  • Set Fabric Setting to Air Fluff
  • Open the Dryer Door
  • Set Signal Setting to High
  • Set the Timer to Timed Dry or Auto (Pick the setting you want to test – moving to or past OFF turns off the test mode)
  • Set Fabric back and forth from Air Fluff to Ultra Delicate three times in under 5 seconds (six clicks)
  • If you get a “BEEP” WAIT “BEEP BEEP”, you’ve succeeded.

Once in the mode, everytime the dryer senses a change, it will beep.  As I was worried that the moisture sensor was defective, I would take a moist washcloth (ran it under the facet) and put the washcloth across the sensor.  As the unit runs 240 volts, if something is really bad – you don’t want your finger across the electrodes.  Remember that there will be a BEEP for sensing something across the electrodes and a BEEP for removing it from the electrodes.  If you leave it there, there may be some further delayed BEEPS as the capacitor charges/discharges.

I liked TechBuddy’s suggestions for test too:

  • Open/Close the Door for a BEEP
  • Fabric Setting for a BEEP
  • Push to Start Button for a BEEP on pushing in and a BEEP on letting go
  • Transition to Wrinkle Guard for a BEEP (move the timer just before wrinkle guard and the timer will move into wrinkle guard, so you’ll get a delayed BEEP)

One thing that threw me off is that I didn’t know the timer motor would be running (the timer motor moves the dial).  So I heard some random BEEP’s.  Then, when I tested the wrinkle guard transition, I noticed the BEEP, but did not pay attention to when it went to OFF.  When it goes to OFF, the dryer gives a dying BEEeeepp.  I thought I had broke the machine, but it was just turning off and letting me know of its last change.

For the curious, Techbuddy says that this information came from a manual stashed inside the dryer next/on the mainboard.

Hope this helps.


Sources:  Techbuddy, Doodgical

Blasting Mosquitoes crossing an Invisible Fence with Lasers


You know, there’s just something really cool about having an invisible fence that blasts approaching mosquitoes with lasers.  There’s even a “light-em up mode” that uses visible low power lasers to determine wing beat frequency to identify the blood sucking ones.  All the bugs that pass the fence can get lit up for a fraction of a second with a green glow.  The bad ones end up in a puff of smoke, while the others roam free.

Where was that job when I graduated from engineering in 2003?  I thought I had it good in Lego robotics, but this may be one step better.

WARNING:  If you don’t like watching bugs end up in smoke, please don’t watch the video.


Sources:  IEEE Spectrum

Disclosure:  I am a member of IEEE.

Fix – 1and1 hosting not updating or plugin problems


I just found out why my wordpress installation was not working as I expected.  My wordpress updates would hang/not complete and the plugin installations would hang/stop or come back with errors.  As it turns out, defaults to PHP version 4 to execute the php scripts.  So, I just had to add the following code to the .htaccess file in my root of my blog directory:

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

After that, everything started working real smoothly.  So, make sure you update that PHP4 to PHP5 if you’re using



Get Last Modified Date from Webpage You’re Visiting


I found a neat little trick that allows me to get a last modified date / last changed date from a webpage I’m viewing.

Simply copy the code below into your address bar and it will cause a window to pop-up with the last modified date.

javascript:alert("Last Modified " + document.lastModified)

Very neat trick.



User Login with Roles in Ruby on Rails


I’m busy tapping away at my current Ruby on Rails project and have been overwhelmed by the number of options out there.  Luckily I’m a member of URUG and we have some great discussions (and even better programmers).

I came across a discussion on role requirements for users.  Tim Harper developed what seems to be a very clean implementation of user roles in RoleRequirement using Restful-authentication.  I’ve installed both plugins and I like what I see.

I’m not that far into it, because I work as an attorney during the day.  But in just the little I’ve been able to chip away at my project, I think you might like it too.


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