One thing I’ve learned recently is that I become really annoyed with people who send their bulk email out at 4am. See I just a Motorola Droid and have been loving it. However, I also connected it to my work account. I like being able to respond to my clients quickly with an “I got it” or a “I’ll look it up” such that they know that I’m on their side.

But, if I forget to turn off my ringer – my phone would give a notification at 3am or 4am when some companies send out their bulk mail. I was not pleased

Guess what? I just opted out of emails that I had previously opted-in. All due to their poor timing. Merchantcircle – I’m looking at you.

There is another option for Droid users like me (or other android versions). I’m now using the app “locale” to shut my notifications off between 11:30pm and 6:30am. Its disappointing that I have to do that, but email marketers seem to be clueless. Seriously, consider whether anyone wants to receive email at 4am.