So it appears I’ve hit the first major Droid bug.  I tried to send a whole bunch of people MMS pictures of my new kiddo.  For some reason, it got stuck on several messages and said that there were too many unsent MMS messages and that I’d have to wait.

Here’s the issue:

  • If you contact has parentheses around the contact’s area code, then MMS might fail — and only MMS — texting and calling should work.  (Wow.  Talk about dumb bug)

Here’s the fix:

  1. Delete any thread (your conversation record) of anyone you want to send an MMS to.  (If you don’t it will put it in that thread and pull the number from the thread)
  2. Remove the contact’s number and retype it in.  The Droid will put the hyphens in, which is OK.  Oh, and make sure you change it for each of the ways you store the contact (such as GMail and Outlook, if its in both).
  3. Reset the phone.
  4. Do the MMS message.

Hope this stops someone else from cursing at their otherwise awesome phone, like it did me.


Source:  Thanks to GearLive