Looks like the guys at OnStar and Chevy have made a really cool app for the Chevy volt.  It can interact with the car and also provide statistics.  Here’s the bullet point list I’ve teased out:

Telling the Car to do Something:

  • Change the charging status of the car
  • Start the Car
  • Lock/Unlock the Car
  • Honk the Horn

Checking the Car Status:

  • Electric Range
  • Miles Per Gallon
  • Battery Level
  • Charge Status
  • Driving Stats

You can download the Chevy Volt OnStar App for yourself from OnStar’s Demo website.

Here’s some engadget videos:

Video Above: Presentation Showing OnStar Chevy Volt App Interface in action (No Sound)

Video Above: Hands On the Chevy Volt App with Audio

My Interest is actually piqued.  I’d like to see where this goes (and if the volt is actually a nice car to drive besides being a technology novelty).

The one thing that I find odd is that OnStar’s corporate website is surprisingly silent.





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