I just saw some information about TiWi last night. Its a little box that you stick in your car that “watches” the car’s movement. It vocally warns of speeding violations, fast corners, seat belts, and leaving parent designated zones through an onboard speaker. And if you don’t listen, it will rat you out to your parent’s cell phone via a text message. In fact it may rat you out to your parent anyways with its arrival notification feature (ie Daughter arrived at school at 8:17 text message). It looks like the introductory price is $599 plus about $30 a month.

Its pretty amazing the reaction it gets from folks. I’d call it pretty polarizing. Some people believe that its too invasive and discourages trust. Others seem to say that it allows them to give their kids more freedom because they know where their kids are. Personally, I’m of the camp that says “You can drive my car, but you follow my rules. Don’t like the rules, don’t drive.”

Now, whether or not I use the device? I’ve got a few more years to decide.