I’m always interested in discovering new blogs that other people consider crucial.  Here’s my short list with descriptions:

  • ConnectBlogs.com – They aggregate the content from leading Utah minds, mostly from blogs.
  • Marketing VOX  – Describes cutting edge developments in marketing
  • Patently-O – Latest Developments and some humor in patent law.
  • IP Thoughts – Thoughts from an attorney on business, entrepreneurialism and life (note: he’s also my boss, but I don’t hold that against him).
  • Consumerist – Very biased, but it gives real consumer experiences which let me know which pitfalls to avoid (take it with some salt)
  • Paul Allen – Utah internet marketing guru – I’m actually taking a class from him
  • SEOmoz – Gives a pulse and techniques in the Search Engine Optimization industry
  • Chris Holt’s Blog – My Brother the serial entrepreneur’s new blog … normally I’m nervous about promoting someone so close, but his advice has helped me a lot. If he posts anything similar to what he’s said to me, I’d listen.

Let me know what you’re reading. I’m always interested in a fresh perspective and new ideas.