I just ran past a strange error in Microsoft Word 2007 on windows.  A colleague and I tried to insert page numbers at the bottom of the document and got some strange text.

We were opening a microsoft word .doc file (word 97-2003) with microsoft word 2007 in compatability mode.  The solution appears to me that you need to get out of compatability mode.

Here’s the fix:

  1. Revert back to before you put in the page numbers (IE don’t save it – just close the file and re-open or hit undo)
  2. Save the file as a .docx file (word 2007 document)
  3. Close Word
  4. Open the .docx file
  5. Add Page Numbers and continue editing
  6. If you need to go back to the .doc format, save the file as a .doc file (word 97-2003) format after you’ve made your changes.

Hope that helps you.


(no sources, just trial and error here)