parallels logoWindowsI just fixed parallels to work better on a domain we have at work.  From what I can tell, parallels uses a sort-of stealth mode by default that makes it look like all traffic is to Mac OS X.  This may not work well, if you’re using offline files.  Here’s what I did

  • Go to the Networking settings in parallels
  • Use Bridged (Default) mode

With bridged mode, it will appear as if you have two computers connecting to the network on your Mac.  All traffic will be given to Mac OS X and Windows.  This is the setting that worked for us at work.

Note that when you connect the Mac to the network, it may take a little bit for Windows to discover the network.

IMORTANT NOTE:  Adjust your networking settings on the mac (wireless, etc).  Let windows discover the network itself.  If you’re still having problems, turn off the wireless networking if you’re connected to the wired network.

While you’re at it … increase the number of processors and memory available to the “Guest OS” of windows.  You’ll have to shut down the windows guest os to do so.  It’s totally worth it.  Just don’t give it more memory that you actually have.  In fact, I would drop the memory available by 1/2 a gig.


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