So the facebook integration is nice, but I have a wife named Kat and a sister named Kate. Somehow, in Droid’s mind, they are the same person. Needless to say my sister got a strange response when she texted me and it came up as “Kat.”

After a mistake that left my sister howling, I researched the problem and the fix is easy. Just not well documented

  1. Go to contacts
  2. Select to the “merged contact” in the list (You should see all their contact information)
  3. Click the menu button (the one with all the lines)
  4. Click on the “edit contact” button
  5. Click on the menu button again
  6. Click on the separate button

There you go, the contacts are now separated. And my sister will not get any more messages intended for my wife.

On a side note: To join a contact, you follow the same instructions with one of the contacts to be joined. Instead of the last step of clicking on the separate button, you click on the join button. You then select the contact to be joined. However, I hear that you can’t join two contacts that were imported from the same source. So you can’t join two contacts that were imported from Gmail. However, you can merge a contact from Gmail and one from microsoft exchange. You can even merge the Gmail, exchange and facebook contact, if you wish. At least that is what I’ve interpreted.

Good Luck and Happy Veterans Day!