Just a quick List of my Must Have Apps for Droid

  • (Jan/5/2009 UPDATE: NO LONGER FREE) Locale – Make your phone context sensitive – turn off alerts during sleeping hours, or use gps to turn off the sound, but vibrate when you’re at the grandparents. Totally worth it.
  • WiFi OnOff & SilentMode OnOff – Widgets on your homescreen that quickly turn features on or off, rather than through settings or holding down the home button. Also show status.
  • RingDroid – Make your own ringtones from your music. Talk about Finally!
  • AudioManager – See the status and change the volume settings individually. Has caused my phone to hiccup a few times. May want to be careful. However the status screen of each volume setting makes it worth it.
  • Jewels – Bejeweled clone that works great. However, it now comes with ads at the bottom of the menu screen. Skip if you can’t stand adds.
  • Cestos – Funny multi-player ball game, as in over the internet. Addicting.
  • Color Flashlight – Don’t tell me you’ve never used your cell phone to see in the dark.
  • Where’s My Droid – Send your droid a text message and the volume will kick back on and start ringing. You can even text your phone and activate the GPS. So if you use lattitude, you might be able to find it.
  • Speed Test – I wanted to know how fast Verizon’s 3G really was.
  • Barcode Scanner – Comparison Shop by scanning the barcode of an item.
  • Astro – File Manager and Viewer (why does droid not have this built in?)
  • Toddler Lock – If you let your kids play on your Droid (really?), Lock down your Droid and let them fingerpaint and make shapes.
  • Touch! 4Kids – Animal shapes fly across the screen and the kids have to touch the shape.