Motorola had a informational page about what was contained in the 2.1 update.  But they pulled it shortly thereafter.  From the looks of it, nobody’s answering the question of why.  However, Phandroid has a screenshot of the missing page.

The page showed the new features as:

  • Text to speech for any text box
  • Better virtual keyboard
  • 3D Gallery – photos, videos and other image sources are shown in 3D stacks that move when the phone is tilted
  • PINCH TO ZOOM – in web, gallery and maps (finally)
  • News and Weather App/Widget
  • Maps – syncs with desktop, personal suggestions, night mode
  • Music App gets tabs to switch screens
  • Google Goggles – including “reading” business cards and adding them to you contacts (Cool!)
  • Fix on the Pattern Lock Bypass bug (I think)
  • Yahoo email setup optimizations
  • Better Battery Optimizations

For those of you who don’t know, you can manually check to see if you’re authorized for the update right now by going to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates.  If you’re not authorized yet, try back again later.  Reclicking is not likely to do any good.  Remember that this is a gradual roll-out like the last update.


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