I don’t understand the quiet – almost the no comment attitude – of Google when talking about multi-touch in the states.  Many android devices support multi-touch – like the Droid – but only the versions off the shores of the US get it.  Rumors abound, but the most convincing rumors to me are that Google wants to keep the peace with Apple (or some other entity) and/or Google is worried about Multi-Touch patents.

Luckily it looks like we’re not totally dependant on google, as Motorola seems to be heading into Multi-touch enabling land for us.  He was quoted in Laptop Magazine as saying, “I think you will see us deliver multitouch in the majority of our devices going forward. There’s a complex set of factors, not all of them technical.”  I hope that’s a vote for the Droid, and I can’t imagine why not.

In the meantime, you can try out the Dophin Browser for multi-touch browsing.  Its not bad and it has pinch zooming.


Source: Engadget via interview with Laptop Magazine