I just wrote a post about my terrible experience with a comcast chat representative.  Comcast responded quickly with something that looked like a generic script response:

Hello there! Sorry for the experience. I work for Comcast and I’d like to look into your experience so that it can be addressed. If you don’t mind, will you please contact me with your information?


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Here is the email I sent:
Mark and Team,
You requested, through my blog, that I give you my information so that you could look into my problem.  Here’s my relevant information:
Ben Holt
Just signed up for 12 Mbit service.  Speedtest.net showed 4 Mbit service with an Xmission server.  I chatted with Jan Albert on your chat room (after using your telephone reboot prompt).  Jan “optimized” my connection and requested that I reboot the modem, router and computer.  After the reboot, my router was blacklisted.
I have since regained service by providing another MAC address.
I did some more tests this morning after I wrote the blog post.  As it turns out, if I use the Orem, UT (Fibrenet) speedtest.net server – I do get the speed I requested.  It appears that Xmission (Salt Lake City) was the bottleneck.
As for a resolution, I’m not sure what to say.  My mother always told me to apologize, look the other person in the eye and tell them that it would not happen again.  Although I’ve never received an apology from your corporation and especially your CSR’s, I’m not sure I’d believe it.  There just seems to be too much distance between those that appear to care (your section) and those on the front lines (your contractors and CSR’s).  I’m not sure your goals are even on the same playing field.  The only thing that has been easy in our relationship has been giving you money, placing my initial order (the fulfillment was a mess), and keeping the status quo (for the most part).
I guess a start would be to explain what the CSR did behind the scenes, including “optimizing” my connection and why my router was banned.  It would even be interesting to me to know what information and notes are on my account / stored about me.
—-====Ben Holt====—-

I’ll keep you updated with their response when I hear back from them.


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