I have a friend on T-Mobile who asked me if I liked my Droid.  I do, but he can’t get one on T-Mobile.  However, there are many phones to choose from that have android.  Note that I can’t think of an android device on AT&T, and have only seen the rumored Motorola Backflip.  I’ve also listed the Android version that I think it has.  If there is no android version, there may be a custom interface or I don’t know.

Here’s my list:

  • Verizon
    • Droid (Android 2.o)
    • Eris
  • T-Mobile
    • Behold II
    • CLIQ (Android 1.5)
    • Pulse (Android 1.5)
    • magic/MyTouch (Android 1.5)
    • Dream/G1 (Android 1.0)
  • Sprint
    • Moment (Android 1.5)
    • Hero
  • AT&T
    • NONE YET! (maybe Motorola Backflip)


For more info and pictures see Androphones.com