Word Logo with Pain

UPDATE 4/10/2015: Note that you need to make sure that all of your pages are the same size.  On one copy/paste, I noticed that the copied pages were A4, while my normal pages were letter size.  Until all my pages were letter, I could not remove the next page section break.

UPDATE 10/10/2014: See update for a potential better way to fix stubborn next page section breaks that won’t delete.  Thanks CherryBerry!

Problem: Word has an extra page at the end that you can’t delete, and when you turn on the Show/Hide codes function a “Section Break (Next Page)” appears after your text.  In fact, every time you delete the Next Page Section Break, text moves to the last page.

Solution: Click after the section break (i.e. on the last page).  Go to File -> Page Setup … in the menu (in XP – in Later Versions, go to page setup). Click on the layout tab in the pop-up window.  Change the Section Start from “New Page” to “Continuous” using the drop down arrow.  Hit the OK button.  Phew!  See the Graphic to the Right

What happened: I have no idea.  But this allows you to change a section break’s behavior.  It appears that Word is insistent on always moving back any Next Page Section breaks if deleted.   However, if you change the behavior of the current break, its OK.

Hope that Helps.


Sources: See Suzanne S. Barnhill’s comment on Wugnet

UPDATE 10/10/2014:

DraftButtonCherryBerry made a great comment below that fixes some of the more persistent next page section breaks:

“At the bottom-right corner of the window next to the size slider, there should be 5 icons. Click on the one closest to the slider, when you mouse over it, there should be a label thing saying “Draft”, click on that icon. there should be text saying “::::::::::::::::::::::::Section Break (Next Page):::::::::::::::::::::::::::”. Delete them.”

I’ve included a picture to show the draft button at the bottom right of the window.

Thanks CherryBerry!